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If your firm’s strategy can be applied to any other firm, you don’t have a very good one!! Doing it once is nice. Doing it again is better. Doing something completely differently, again and again … well that’s what makes you one of the world’s most innovative companies!! And this book tells you how to innovate, how to create that core capability in your firm, how to promote those ‘big hairy audacious goals’, how to create a torrent of opportunities, and then it goes on to tell you how to distill these ideas, opportunities, goals into meaningful profitable business ventures – time and time again! The book provides you with a framework for innovation, a structure to systematically induce innovation within your firm, a method on how you can leverage your investments, and more importantly – how you can sustain innovation – be disruptive, create quantum shifts in strategic thought, and provide your firm the platform for supersonic growth – outlasting and outgrowing the competition over and over again! – Ananth

This book is authored by over 470 practitioners worldwide – a compilation of decades of work on how to re-create, re-model, and continuously evolve your business models in an ever-changing innovative organisational climate. This book presents game-changing ideas for crafting business models, and walks you through 9 key components that align your business model canvas. The book has a fantastic look and feel to it – graphically very appealing and makes easy, interesting, and intellectual reading – with a practical panache to it in today’s economic and commercial environment. – Ananth

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