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About InnoVision LLP

InnoVision LLP was formed with the intent of energising innovation strategies, methods and tactics in the corporate sector, with particular reference to the Indian Industry.

At InnoVision, we believe in stepping away from conventional and traditional strategies of growth. We take a peek into the future from the outside-in rather than from the inside-out. Our strategies and growth tactics are always aimed to meet customer demands – those that are known and more importantly those customer demands that are unmet! It is in the unmet customer requirements that opportunities exist, and it is those opportunities that InnoVision strives to tap for the corporate sector.

Deploying business model changes, organizational structural shifts, promoting “big hairy audacious goals”, and engaging top management in a concerted move towards mind-set changes are some of the methods that we adopt to achieve innovation.

We Challenge your present. We question your future. ™

About the Authors

Ananth Swaminath:

Ananth is a senior management executive with over 22 years of experience in the corporate sector, spanning business/technology consulting, and global business development – in executive and entrepreneurial roles. He has extensive experience in leadership roles in start-ups, and in large multi-billion $ organisations where he used innovative methods and strategies to spawn market-growth in over 23 countries globally.

He has been an advisor to large organisations and Governments on innovation, knowledge management, business process management, business & technology strategy/enablement.  He specialises in domain (industry) based innovation to achieve business model and process excellence, and has created intellectual capital (IP) in 4 industries (Oil & Gas, Automotive, Engineering & Construction, and Logistics), that has gained the mind-share of customers in over 23 countries and has been marketed by organisations such as Oracle & HP. He has advised clients like Nissan, Suzuki, Federal Governments in the MENA region, National Oil Companies across Middle East, Africa & Asia, some of the world’s largest Engineering & Construction companies, etc.

He is a strong proponent of innovation, and believes that business model changes are key to survival in the market place. In that sense, he is a maverick, and used to think that the world was round. When he ventured into business, he thought the world was probably zig-zag. But he has now come to believe that if you want it bad enough, and are willing to do what it takes, the world is actually flat!

Ananth thinks that leadership and strategy must now be repositioned to think how we can re-apply what we already have, and re-purpose our existing assets into something more valuable, something more result oriented, something more sustaining, something more innovative. He is of the view that our corporate leaders need to start looking at tomorrow and the day-after, to build an environment that dares to dream, and dreams to dare.

He can be contacted at ananth.swaminath@thisiskaffee.com. (View Ananth Swaminath's LinkedIn profileView Ananth Swaminath’s profile)

Vikraman Raman:

Vikram’s career in communications spans some 20 years, beginning with public affairs in the Singapore government and evolving into corporate communications and reputation management for regional and global businesses.

His extensive experience in providing strategic counsel to corporate and government clients across key industries underpins his competency in the key disciplines of corporate affairs, crisis and issues management, integrated marketing communications, investor and government relations.

Vikram has held senior positions with global public relations agencies Burson Marstellar (SEA), Ogilvy & Mather where he developed and implemented strategic communications programs for corporate clients like Citibank Asia, Alcoa, Shell, Mobil and led positioning exercises for government entities undergoing privatisation.

Vikram also ran his own boutique communications consultancy business that designed brand and product communications strategies for anchor clients like Cerebos Pacific Limited, The Coca Cola Company, Kent Ridge Digital Laboratories, British-American Tobacco Company, Kelt International, and Global Strategies (S).  He was involved in the Singapore launch of the UNEP’s ‘Billion Trees Campaign and is a signatory to the Singapore Compact.

He is currently involved in assisting SME’s in their strategies for growth and client development.

Vikram can be contacted at vikram@pacific.net.sg.