Racing heart and slightly sweaty palms as I approach the posting of my first blog. It is one thing to say what you mean at the spur of the moment to friends, and newly made acquaintances. The friends will give that rolled up eyes look that say “that’s just him going off again”. Newly made acquaintances will:

A) think you are strange and move away;

B) think you are strange and want to hear you more; or,

C) file under daft.

The art, some say science, of communications today leaves me thinking, no, knowing that I’m bit of a Luddite. I don’t Facebook (have an account and look at it once in 3 months, maybe), don’t twitter, don’t MySpace, and till now don’t blog. “Dude, you are so dark ages” would be an apt comment! That is on the personal basis. Still, it does have its uses in the business world.

Marketing has caught on in a big way to place products via social networking. New anything that hits cyberspace may catch on become the next big thing – be it product, application, appliance, health supplement, pet foods and the occasional “I’ve cracked the space/time continuum and looking for fellow time travellers”. All it takes is a few to feel and touch, and the word gets out into cyberspace and reaches parts that conventional norms would need a big budget and a full-fledged team. The team is still there, but trawling the networks to expand reach and obtain mind-share. Given that the industry has come from a more conventional background, the reach via social networking is just the ticket for dark marketing. That is just my opinion…

Communicating in this format still falls back on the rules of how to communicate effectively – what to say, when to say, being true to the vision, to the customer, fulfilling the corporate promise and, anything to do with the image of the company. Times may have changed, but the values remain.

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  1. Vikram says:

    Hey there, and thank you. Nice to know that someone actually read it!!!!!

    As to being aware, just that bit older and keeping thee eyes and mind open….

  2. 網路行銷 says:

    Awesome posting man, I incredibly like the look and also the feel of this kind of blogging site. You write certainly well, you just need to be a aware guy. Will undoubtedly come back

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